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Reserve your room at Mompos' most popular hotel here online

You can confirm your reservation by paying your first night at the reception of any hostel affiliated with Colombian Hostels. www.colombianhostels.com (cities and towns where there is a Colombian Hostel) or by making a deposit of 50% into our account with Banco Popular. For more details get in touch.


Reservations may be cancelled two days prior to your arrival.

  • Cancellations received with two or more days notice will receive the value of their deposit returned less the cost of the banking transaction.
  • Cancellations made one day prior to the reservation date will be charged 20 per cent of the total room cost.
  • Cancellations made on the same day as the reservation will be charged 80 per cent of the total room cost.
  • For no-shows the hotel has the right to charge the client the full price of the room reserved.

Deferment of your Reservation

If you have made a reservation in the Casa Amarilla and wish to defer or postpone the date of your arrival please inform us with a minimum of two days advance notice. We will hold your reservation for one year from the day of your original reservation. Of course any new reservation is subject to availability and the yearly increase in costs.

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