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  • 425: Glyphosate for Coca Eradication in ColombiaDr Hannah Meszaros Martin is not a newcomer to the Colombia Calling podcast having previously joined us on Ep413 "What is Forensic Architecture?" On Episode 425 she brings her wealth of know … Read more
  • 424: Crossed off the MapShafik Meghji is an award-winning travel writer, journalist and author based in South London specialising in Latin America and South Asia. But on this episode 424 of the Colombia Calling podcast, we d … Read more
  • 423: Protests in Colombia: Cali, one year onOne year ago in 2021, the southwestern Colombian city of Cali became the flashpoint for massive protests in what was known as the #paronacional. Underestimated and misunderstood by the government, pro … Read more
  • 422: Explaining the Falsos Positivos in ColombiaWhat were the "false positives or falsos positivos? Adriaan Alsema of Colombia Reports joins us on this "explainer" episode. This is the name given to the killings of young men – mainly … Read more
  • 421: Colombia Questions and Answers (part 2)Following up from the immensely popular episode No.407 in January 2022 in which Emily Hart and Richard McColl took your questions about more or less anything Colombia-related, we thought that it was t … Read more
  • 420: Ayahuasca in ColombiaSam from Latvia was an engineer on oil rigs in the North Sea but life took a turn and now he's offering ayahuasca retreats under the guidance of expert taitas in Colombia in rural Antioquia. Hear … Read more
  • 419: The Genetics of FoodWe lost 70% of our food’s biodiversity last century – swallowed up by climate change, habitat loss, industrial agriculture, and the homogenization of the global diet. Today on the podcast we meet some … Read more
  • 418: The State of Colombia and VenezuelaThis week we have the honour of inviting Rafael Stuve from the State of Venezuela podcast – The only English-language podcast focused on all matters related to Venezuela – to chat about what's go … Read more
  • 417: 2022 Elections in ColombiaWhat is going on with the electoral process in Colombia? On 13 March Colombians voted in congressional and legislative elections and for the candidates for the presidential elections in May. Since the … Read more
  • 416: Simón Mejía of Bomba Estereo joins the Colombia Calling podcastSimon Mejía of legendary electro cumbia band Bomba Estereo joins us on Episode 416 of the Colombia Calling podcast to discuss his latest plan – along with a team including Simón Hernández, Paula Vacca … Read more