We are an Anglo Colombian couple who opened the Casa Amarilla 4 years ago. Richard is half English and half Canadian, he is a journalist and guidebook author. Alba, who is Colombian, is an Economist with Momposina roots. Our team consists of Carmen and Esther. Carmen, the manager, was a former teacher here in Mompos before turning her hand to tourism and greatly enjoys helping out tourists to her town. Esther is busy as head of projects in the Casa Amarilla and while she is our mother, she acts as mother to all those who pass through the hotel.

We opened the Casa Amarilla in March of 2008 with only 4 rooms and now we have gown to a total of 10. The idea was born out of a desire to provide a refuge for more experienced travellers who wanted a comfortable friendly and unpretentious place in which to stay.

We enjoy aiding the traveller, being able to provide accurate information about how to arrive, leave and what to do in Mompos because one of our challenges is to promote Mompos to the world.